Health And Nutrition

The most common health problems in the United States are chronic diseases (heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer) and they can be linked to lifestyle choices:  poor diet, tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption, and inadequate physical activity.  Many chronic diseases are preventable.  Getting hormones in balance is half the battle.

The other half of the equation that adds up to optimum physical health is nutrition and exercise.  This frequently presents a huge challenge.  We are too tired to exercise after work; we are achy and have a hard time recovering from exercise; we are overcoming poor eating habits engrained since childhood; we crave sugar and carbohydrates; we make unhealthy food choices when pressed for time; we can’t relax and sleep well without a drink or two in the evening.  It’s particularly demoralizing for those of us who make an effort at regular exercise and choose healthy foods but see no results.

The great news is that having adequate hormone replacement will make it easier to achieve the goal.  Having more energy, an increased metabolism, and good sleep every night allows us to start making gains right away.  We will have the energy to get in a good workout.  We will burn fat more efficiently.  Sleeping well at night allows our body to heal.  We will actually see results from the work we put in.

Once we start feeling better and no longer feel like we are spinning our wheels, we feel the drive to work harder.  It is a positive cycle.

Phoenix Medicine is here to provide you with information on how to make your exercise program more efficient.  We can help you make incremental steps to healthy eating habits.  We can lead you toward high quality supplements to support your training and diet.  And we offer state-of-the-art lab panels that specifically evaluate nutritional deficiencies and food allergies.