Dr. Gorman earned both her B.S. and D.O. degrees from Michigan State University.  She completed a rotating internship and an Anesthesiology residency in Detroit and finished her training with a fellowship in Trauma Anesthesia and Critical Care in Baltimore, at the University of Maryland R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center.  She practiced anesthesiology for over twenty years, working in Maryland before being recruited back to Michigan, and was repeatedly commended by patients, their families, and their surgeons for her effective and compassionate approach.  The heart of her practice was to ease anxiety, educate the patient, provide individualized anesthetic plans, and minimize post-operative pain.

As Dr. Gorman approached menopause (on no medication other than thirty years of a synthetic version of thyroxine, for hypothyroidism), she found herself fatigued, depressed, gaining weight, irritable, and sleeping poorly.   She felt as though she was going through the motions but not actually living.  On a crisp February 25th, she made the conscious decision to get her life back and regain a healthy body, mind, and spirit.  The journey started as a gradual process.  First was a commitment to exercise every single day.  Then came a mindfulness class and yoga.  Throughout, she began to make wiser choices regarding food: shopping, preparing, and eating.  She lost weight and got healthier but was still fatigued and had trouble sleeping through the night.  The final phase was when she pursued and began Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) based upon lab results, which showed low thyroid, low estrogen, low progesterone, low testosterone, low Vitamin D, critically low DHEA, and anemia.  A mere two weeks after switching from the synthetic version of thyroxine to a natural thyroid supplement, she experienced a tremendous increase in energy.  Six months after beginning full hormone replacement, she felt like a completely different person– better than she could remember feeling in thirty years.

Based on her experience, Dr. Gorman was motivated to help men and women achieve the same sense of well-being.  She made the decision to change her career path, and read voraciously to research the emerging fields of Preventive Medicine and BHRT.  She came to understand that there is a gross lapse in both medical training and educational material dispersed to the public, primarily based on resource allocation by the big pharmaceutical companies.  She attended national conferences and became involved with the American Academy for Anti-Aging.  She also researched and completed training for Low Level Laser Therapy, which promotes healing, reduces inflammation, and treats pain.

Dr. Gorman still does some form of exercise every day, prioritizes healthy food for herself and her family, practices mindfulness (and is getting so much better at it), sleeps like a baby, and feels profoundly grateful and happy.  The heart of her practice is still to alleviate anxiety, educate the patient, individualize therapy, and reduce pain; but now she practices with the additional goal of seeing her patients feel healthy and happy in body, mind, and spirit.

Advanced BHRT Certified