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What kind of story do hands tell? Do they express pain and fatigue? Do you have an injury, arthritis, or wrinkles and age spots you’d like taken care of? PRP is a treatment to invest in before scheduling a surgical procedure. PRP can bring dramatic healing to your hands quickly and efficiently. Call phoenix Medicine today to schedule a complimentary consultation.


Did you know that hands are one of the most seen parts of the body? They show our age, they come into contact with harsh environmental effects, and they can be injured often. This is why it’s essential that our hands should also be given great care and attention. Which is why in addition to providing PRP for the face, we also offer it for the hands.



PRP or platelet rich plasma is utilized to help with bodily restoration, including issues with a patient’s hands. Those struggling with any of the following can benefit from PRP injections in the hands:

  • Excessive wrinkles
  • Age or liver spots
  • Loss of volume in hands
  • Injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Trigger Finger

The PRP injections use the patient’s very own plasma to help repair these issues and injuries in the hand. This provides a safe, natural, and quick process for patients needing it. It’s a method to get back to doing what our patients love to do without having an expensive surgery and a long recovery process. PRP is used mostly for rejuvenation purposes and swift healing purposes.


Not only do our hands suffer from aging, but they also suffer from pain. This pain can come from arthritis, carpal tunnel, or hand, wrist, and finger injuries and can happen at any age. PRP treatments provide aid in restoring the needed strength, mobility, and range of motion necessary in our hands, fingers, and wrists.


The process of the PRP procedure is straightforward and quick. It’s very similar to taking a sample of an individual’s blood. In this process, however, 30-60ml of blood is drawn from the patient’s arm and collected into a tube and placed into a centrifuge. In order to remove the plasma and platelets from the blood, the blood sample is spun around until the rich plasma separates from the blood particles. 

After numbing the area, the plasma is then injected into the patient’s hand; it could be wrinkles, or an arthritic area, or an injured tendon. Unlike a surgical operation, a patient can resume daily activities quickly.

Please speak with Dr. Gorman to discuss what to expect after treatment. 




The hand can be divided into two categories for how they age, intrinsic and extrinsic.

  • Intrinsic. This type of aging occurs naturally as we grow older. The hands result in less volume of skin, less elasticity, more wrinkles, more apparent veins, tendons, and joints. Intrinsic aging affects the deep tissue within our hands.
  • Extrinsic. This happens to the above layers of the skin known as the epidermal and dermal layers. Extrinsic aging occurs due to factors around us which can include the sun, chemicals that can dye our skin, such as pollen or nicotine. Our diet and life choices can also cause this type of hand aging.


The patient’s specific recovery time is dependent upon the exact procedure. Most patients who have undergone PRP injections for their hands can resume their daily activities even the following day after the procedure. When compared with surgeries, the recovery time is much less with PRP injections.


After a PRP procedure, a noticeable difference can be seen within a month. The results usually last about twelve months. Therefore, treatment is advised to be done every six months to a year, depending on the patient’s desires and needs.



Dr. Gorman will advise the specific risks  for the patient’s situation. Some common side effects to be aware of can include:

  • Inflammation
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Infection.

Allergic reactions aren’t a factor as the patient’s own plasma is introduced back into the patient’s own body.  Dr. Gorman will schedule a follow up appointment to see how the hand is recovering. 




The best way to be treated is actually to act before treatment is necessary. Contact our office about PRP for hand rejuvenation so that further damage can be avoided with aging.  We can start treatments beforehand to help keep from further damage that occurs naturally. Some other ways to prevent the outward effects mentioned earlier are to use moisturizers and sunscreen products daily. 




When compared with the other alternatives to PRP procedures, it is evident that PRP is the route to take to bring life and healing back to aging or injured hands.

Other methods can include surgeries and botox. Though those options might be necessary depending on the patient’s situation, we suggest talking with Phoenix Medicine about PRP as an option first. The recovery time is less with PRP, as well as any physical therapy and scarring issues.

When making a comparison to other alternatives, the cost should also be taken into account. Surgical fees are much more expensive than any PRP treatment.

We will discuss the cost of the procedure during the complimentary consultation. 


Results vary.

Please schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Gorman for a personalized treatment.

* Please note PRP Treatments are not covered by insurance at Phoenix Medicine.


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